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latihan soal reported speech

Contoh Soal
1.    Beckham : Did you know what Fingo said yesterday?
Raul         : Of course. He said ____ the previous day.
a. had gone to his country            d. he went to his country
b. he has gone to his country        e. he goes to his country
c. he will go to his country
    Jawaban : A ( kalau kalimat langsung/direct simple past, indirect/tdk langsung harus
                                   past perfect)
2.    Teacher : Why was Mary absent yesterday?
Jenifer   : What did the teacher want to know, Ferdy?
Ferdy     : he wanted to know ____
a. if Mary was absent            d. that Mary had been absent
b. why Mary was absent            e. why Mary had been absent
c. why was Mary absent
    Jawaban : E (direct berbentuk Wh-question bentuk past tense jadi indirec berbentuk
                                  past perfect)
3.    Mother   : Don’t be so noisy, Herman. The baby is sleeping.
Herman  : Okay, mom.
Rudy      : What did your mother just told you?
Herman  : She told me ___ because the baby was sleeping.
a. I wasn’t so noisy            d. I am very noisy
b. not to be so noisy            e. to be not so noisy
c. don’t be noisy
    Jawaban : B (direct: don’t + be maka indirect: not + to be)
4.   Doctor   : Open your mouth!
    Mother  : What did the doctor tell you?
    Son       : The doctor told me ___
    a. that I open his mouth            d. to open my mouth
    b. if I opened my mouth            e. opened my mouth
    c. to open my mouth
        Jawaban : D (direct: V1 + O maka direct: to V1 + O)
5.   Mother : Do you want meatballs or fried chicken?
Mother asked me ____
a. whether I wanted meatball or fried shicken
b. whether I want meatball or fried chicken
c. that I wanted meatball or fried chicken
d. that I want meatball or fried chicken
e. if I want meatball or fried chicken
    Jawaban: A (direct: do/does + S +V1 maka indirect: if/whether + S + V2)

Soal-Soal Latihan
1.    Head master  : Why didn”t you clean this room this morning?
Jani               :  I am sorry. I got a headache.
The headmaster asked her why ___ the room this morning.
a. I hadn’t cleaned                d. he headn’t cleaned
b. he does not clean            e. he would not clean
c. he hasn’t cleaned
2.   Anto  : I am sorry Lina. I forgot to bring your book.
Ari    : What did he say, Lina?
    Lina  : Anto said to me that he ___ to bring my book.
    a. has forgotten                d. forgets
    b. had forgotten                e. forgot
    c. would forget
3.   Mother asked Mira to close the windows because it was windy outside.
    Mother said, “ ___________”
    a. Mira closed the window. It is windy outside.
    b. Closed the window, Mira. It is windy outside.
    c. Mira closed the window. It was windy outside.
    d. Does Mira close the window. It was windy outside.
    e. To close the window Mira! It is windy outside.
4.   “What are you doing now?”, he asked.
    He asked me ____
    a. what are you were doing now        d. what I was doing then.
    b. what were you doing now.        e. what I am doing now.
    c. what I was doing then
5.   “Is John coming to the party tonight?”
    “yes, he asked me ____”.
    a. If he could go with us            d. going with us
    b. can he go with us            e. wether he goes with us
    c. he went with us
6.   My parents advised my sister ____ too much money on clothes.
    a. do not spend                d. not spending
    b. not to spend                e. not spend
    c. did not spend
7.   The secretary asked me ___ with Mr. Slamet.
    a. did I have an appointment        d. when is my appointment
    b. how was my appointment        e. that I had an appointment
    c. whether I had appointment
8.   “don’t make noise, children”, she said.
    a. She told the children don’t make noise        d. She told the children not to make noise.
    b. She said the children didn’t make noise    e. She didn’t tell the children to make
      c. She didn’t say the children should noise              noise
9.   My friend said to me, “Can I find you a hotel?”. Mean____
    a. My friend asked me if I could help him find a hotel.
    b. I wondered if my friend could help me find a hotel.
    c. My friend said that I could help him find a hotel.
    d. My friend asked me to find a hotel for him.
    e. My friend asked me whether he could help me find a hotel.
10. Father said, “Finish your work!”
    The indirect form is: Father told me ____
    a. finish your work                d. to finish your work
    b. finished your work                e. to finish my work
    c. that I finish my work

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